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Stress and lack of motivation at work adversely affect the performance and productivity of the employer. Corporate wellness programs, create synergy in order to enhance employee performance, motivation, and satisfaction. A stress free work environment that fosters calmness, creativity and increased productivity, will help your employers to excel on the job and in other areas of their lives.Let us create a custom stress management program to improve the overall ‘well-being’ of your employees. These classes/seminars will help lower your employee’s stress levels and increase their energy. We can cooperate with you to design In-house classes, Group workshops and seminars according to your company’s needs and requirements.

Programs/courses can be scheduled from one to five hours. There are a variety of stress workshop and seminar topics from which to choose, including:


These weekly (or twice a week) programs will develop your employer’s physical and mental relaxation, emotional stability, reduce aches and pains, improve concentration, stress management skills, interpersonal relationship skills, increase job satisfaction levels and productivity.

Our weekly programs include

  • Corporate Yoga
  • Mental Focus and Concentration Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Classes/seminars for employees with special needs, such as heart disease are also offered.


Stress Management Strategies for Professionals

Stress of daily living produces a lot of tension. In order to manage stress, many people apply to unhealthy coping ways such as smoking, coffee and pain killers without any nourishing strategy. We tend to ignore how our body is being affected by the environment, our thoughts and actions. In time, things usually get worse, not better. At some point, the accumulated effects of stress, and inadequate strategies to deal with it, lead to breakdown in one form or another. Learning to responding to stress instead of reacting, is vital to improving your well-being and the quality of your life.

Our goal in this program is to establish a long-term maintenance, physical, mental and emotional balance.

Our goal:

  • Learning relaxation techniques that can be easily applied to everyday life to reduce anxiety, exhaustion and pain
  • Maintaining balance and sense of perspective during pressure and change so you can see new options and new solutions to problems
  • Cultivating deeper concentration, calmness and self-confidence; manage stress in a conscious way
  • Learning the alternative ways handling stressful situations will reduce the dependence on unhealthy coping strategies
  • Developing the outlook and motivation to change things that disrupts the balance in your life


Our schools do not emphasize ‘being’. We need to figure that out ourselves. ‘Doing’ under the pressure of time, striving and competing in a fast pace world is the currency in our education system. It would be considerably helpful to learn some simple ways of relaxation to create peaceful classrooms. I have more than 10 years of experience teaching stress management skills to students at every age and level. My program is simple and effective. It will address violent behavior, bullying, uncontrolled emotions, anxiety and limited attention span.

Students and/ or teachers, social workers and administrator can learn practical skills to remain focused and manage stress.

Weekly classes or one time seminars can be scheduled according to your institution’s needs and requirements.