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Think about the last time you felt completely comfortable … We live in auto-pilot, with our habitual reactions and judgments.Over time, the accumulated affects of stress, and poor strategies to deal with it, make things worse, not better. As a result we survive instead of thrive.

However, there is a choice for a more conscious, meaningful and manageable life.

The most important factor that determines how we age is how we live…Depressive, intolerant, uptight, irritable, anxious and exhausted moods are in fact the result of neglecting our body’s needs and messages; not knowing where to stop or make changes.In this book you will find new ways of seeing and dealing with our toxic thought patterns and behaviors that keep life off-balanced.
The world’s leading social scientists agree on a single point about happiness: People often make mistakes when they try to predict what would make them happy.Wealth, love and success in our lives do not bring lasting happiness. So what will really make us happy?

This book explains unseen realities of happiness in practical and fun ways.