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“You need to learn to be happy by nature, because you’ll seldom have the chance to be happy by circumstance.” Lavetta Sue Wegman

The question we ask ourselves in every area of life: “What is my worth?”
We are all after the same thing. We want to feel appreciated, heard, noticed. We want a healthy, safe and long life for ourselves and our families.

There is no one formula for everybody on how we should direct our lives. However, what we all need is to realize that the step we are taking now is shaping the next one.

This is the way to become a better husband or wife, a better mother or father, a better friend and coworker.

Taking responsibility for your own happiness, well-being, attitude, and way of thinking is the basis of my life coaching philosophy.

Whether you want to improve your relationships, your career, the way you feel about yourself; whether you need to be free of your fears, shyness and obsessions; or you feel no longer motivated, unable to cope with stress or anger, have difficulty to adapt to changes in your life; my job is to help you see your circumstances from a different perspective and to help you develop your own inner strength.

In order for you to feel whole, I can share with you the needed tools, outlook, the strategies and the relaxation techniques that you can apply to everyday life. Together, we can take the steps to increase your satisfaction in life to a maximum level.
Our goal is to establish physical, emotional and mental balance.

* Life coaching is not therapy. Clinical psychology analyzes one’s weak and problematic aspects of the character. We’ll be focusing on bringing out the stronger aspects of your character. Our aim is to bring life, even a happy life, to even more meaningful, productive and fulfilled state.. Even people, who believe they are happy can benefit from this.